A family to belong to!

COVID-19 might be shutting down our world for a bit BUT Jesus’ Kingdom can’t be stopped! We will continue to be a church that scatters throughout the week in City Groups. All of our City Groups are continuing to meet virtually! In a time of social isolation we need community more than ever and this is a perfect time to join a City Group! We’d love to help you connect with a group! Email anthony@citylightlincoln.org to get connected!

Citylight Lincoln Church is committed to both gathering and scattering as the church. Jesus has called us to make disciples and we believe the best way to make disciples is to scatter throughout the week in City Groups. A City Group is a midsized community that is being spiritually transformed by the Gospel, growing as family, and revolves around a mission in a specific neighborhood of Lincoln.

We want everyone to be in a City Group and experience the joy of being transformed by the gospel, sharing life together, and being on mission together with others. To join a City Group, e-mail the contact of a group near you or click this link… Join A Family

Adult groups are listed below. To become a part of Citylight U Groups: click here.

Central Lincoln

Eagle | 4:30-6:00 pm | Sundays | Contact Ethan at ethan@citylightlincoln.org

27th & South St. | 7:00-8:30 pm | Mondays | Contact Brett at armstrong.brett.e@gmail.com

27th & O | 6:00-7:30 pm | Mondays | Contact Justin at jklemsz@gmail.com

20th and HWY 2 | 6:30pm-8:00 pm | Mondays | Contact John at johnwdannenbring@gmail.com

16th & B | 7:30pm-9:00 pm | Tuesdays | Contact Anthony at anthony@citylightlincoln.org

60th & O | 8:00 pm | Wednesdays | Contact Austin at austin@citylightlincoln.org

Stromsburg | 7:00-8:30 pm | Wednesdays | Contact Missi at missiscow@gmail.com

28th & O St. | 6:30-8:00 pm | Thursdays | Contact Alecia at aleciazoo@gmail.com (Transition Group for Young Adults)

28th & Vine | 10 am | Saturdays | Contact Stephanie at stephanie_bottrell@yahoo.com