Join A Movement: #JesusChangedMyLife Challenge!

Instead of one invite to a friend to come to an Easter gathering, what if you joined the Church in proclaiming the gospel to hundreds of non-Christians over social media? Now, more than ever before in our lives, the world is searching for hope. What if our church, Citylight Lincoln, joined hands with other churches around the world to fill our social media feeds with real, life-changing hope?

We invite you to join us in the #JesusChangedMyLife Challenge!

Join A Movement: #JesusChangedMyLife Challenge!

The Hope: On Saturday, April 11th, people around the world will scroll through a flood of posts that show the meaning, purpose, and life that Jesus brings.

Here are three steps to join the challenge (from the Gospel Coalition):
1) Create a one- to two-minute video of yourself sharing your testimony of how Jesus changed your life. Include an invitation at the end of your video for others to believe in Jesus, and welcome them to follow up with you or another Christian community for help in this difficult season. If you don’t want to share a video of yourself, feel free to just write your testimony in a social-media post!

2) Share the video on social media on April 10th or 11th. Be sure to use hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife and include our Citylight Lincoln Easter live stream link (copy & paste this link: so people can learn more about Jesus by tuning in to our gathering. We would love for you to also add #CitylightLincoln and tag us in your post so that our entire church can be encouraged by how Jesus has changed your life!

3) Pray that the resurrection power of Jesus on display in these videos would inspire many to tune into a service on Easter and begin their own #JesusChangedMyLife journeys.

This is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT that we get to be a part of!! We can’t wait to see all of the ways God is going to use this!

To read the Gospel Coalition’s full article, which includes tips to creating your story, click here!