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Your salvation story is the the story of how God saved you from your sin and enabled you to put your trust in Jesus for
forgiveness and eternal life. This worksheet is a resource to help you understand and articulate your salvation story. It will
help you clarify your own spiritual journey and aid you in telling others about Jesus and what he has done in your life.

Use the following questions as a guide to draw out the unique details of your story. Remember, everyone’s story is
different. Wether you were saved recently or have been a Christian since you were young, use the following questions
loosely to reflect on the story God has written in your life. Then type out your story on your computer and paste it
into the box below. But we recommend saving it on your computer first just in case.

When and how did you first hear about Christ?

What were your attitudes, needs, and problems before you trusted in Christ? How did people view you? What kinds of
adjectives described you? What were some reoccurring patterns in your life? What were your greatest struggles?

What did your life revolve around? What was of highest importance to you other than God? Where did you gain
happiness and security in? Money, relationships, success, status, career, sex, hobbies, traveling, school, media, drugs,
alcohol, family, etc.?

How did this disappoint you? How was this unfulfilling? How did you come to realize this?

What happened after you trusted in Christ? How did your attitude begin to change? When did you notice a change? How
are you motivated differently now?

Apart from the saving work of God what kind of person would you be or are tempted to be?

I agree with the CMA Statement of Faith.