Disciplines of Grace

We are so excited to be starting the year off with a series on spiritual disciplines called Disciplines of Grace! This series is only going to touch on three of the many spiritual disciplines, but our hope is to equip us all to be formed and shaped by the Holy Spirit in the Image of Christ. One of the primary ways in which this happens is through Spiritual Disciplines or habits. This will give all of us the opportunity to engage with God on a regular basis so we might give the Holy Spirit room to transform us to be more like Christ. The reason we practice Spiritual Disciplines or habits is to invite holiness or Christ-likeness in our lives. To practically help us all we'd like to send out some resources each week for Disciplines of Grace that was preached that Sunday at Central! The first discipline, or habit, that we covered is meeting with God through His Word.

Here are some helpful tools:

SOAP Bookmark

Printable SOAP Bookmark (You can also grab a SOAP bookmark from the Connection Table at Central!)
When you have your daily time with God, use SOAP to help you think through what you’re reading.