GOD is writing an amazing story…

It’s the story threaded throughout the Bible, God pointing to a person who came down from Heaven to save us from our sin – the story of redemption through Jesus Christ. It’s the story pointing to every tribe, tongue, and nation worshipping Jesus. It’s the story that continues in our generation. The story is not over!

In Matthew 5, Jesus tells his followers, “You are the light of the world, a city on a hill.” Jesus came to seek and save the lost, to begin the church through the work of the Holy Spirit, and to send out missionaries to tell his story to the world. Through the work of Jesus Christ, his death on the cross, and his resurrection, we are invited into both a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and into God’s greater mission.

The story continues in Fort Collins.

God is gathering a group of Christians who are committed to not just attending a church, but being the church – not simply gathering on Sundays, but scattering throughout the week to live on mission.


…a church where Monday through Saturday is just as important as Sunday.

…the people of God, living in community, working together for the glory of God and the good of the city.

…communities of ordinary people scattered all over the city, living on mission to bring the light of the gospel into their networks and neighborhoods.

…a church where ordinary men and women are equipped for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

…a church living on mission as a spiritual family, committed to a cause much greater than themselves, helping spread the gospel all over Colorado and to the nations.

…a movement of God, multiplying churches throughout Colorado and beyond.

Current Reality & Need

United States

85%+ of American churches are plateaued or in decline

70+ churches close each week

Currently, there are more people living in the US than ever before, but fewer churches. Church planting expert Ed Stetzer states, “Our churches are dying, and our culture is changing…new churches can make a difference. Church planting is not easy, but without it the church will continue to decline in North America.”
– Ed Stetzer


29% claim no religious affiliation vs. 23% US average

4th fastest growing state in US

We need more churches to reach new and de-churched people, build Jesus’ Kingdom, and fulfill the Great Commission.

“The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for the numerical growth of the body of Christ.”
– Tim Keller

Fort Collins

325,000 residents in Colorado’s third-largest metropolitan area

33,000 students currently enrolled at Colorado State University

100%+ expected regional population growth over the next 30 years

38.7% identify as non-religious, a significant increase from 28.5% in 2012

70% are not involved in a local church, 18% higher than the national average

We Dream of…

…a church that is saturated in the gospel of Jesus and overflowing with generosity and worship.

…thousands of people meeting Jesus through City Groups, being baptized, and joining in the mission of God.

…having City Groups in every neighborhood and relational network, bringing the light of the gospel to every part of our city.

…a movement that is slow enough to care for everyone in the church and fast enough to reach Fort Collins with the gospel.

…a church that is partnering with other life-giving, gospel-preaching churches to advance the Kingdom in Fort Collins and beyond.

…being part of the next chapter of global missions by sending laborers into the mission field.

Our Mission: Multiply Disciples & Churches

Our mission is to multiply disciples and churches! Our goal is not simply to gather a crowd, but to make disciples. We aren’t merely hoping for great meetings. We are on mission to multiply disciples of Jesus—real people experiencing real change in their lives to become more like Jesus. As we do this, we trust Jesus to send out those disciples to multiply churches in Colorado and beyond. In this way, we envision the light of Jesus spreading throughout our city into pockets of people, into businesses and schools, into neighborhoods and networks. As we see and shine the light of Jesus, this light spreads throughout the area.

To accomplish this mission, we will be structured as a gathered and scattered church.

We gather on Sundays for singing, preaching, sacraments, and stories. Just as Christians have been doing for 2,000 years, Citylight will gather on Sundays to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, delight in his Word, and worship him together. These Sunday gatherings will serve the broader mission of multiplying disciples and churches, and we dream of these gatherings equipping disciples of Jesus to scatter into City Groups and eventually multiply churches.
We scatter throughout the week in City Groups. City Groups are the heartbeat of Citylight Church. They are not an optional program or a seasonal Bible study. They are mid-sized communities growing in the gospel, listening to the Scriptures, connecting as family, and serving a specific neighborhood or network in the city. We envision City Groups that are small enough to care for each other’s growth in Christ, but big enough to daringly engage the culture around them. As disciples multiply among Citylight, so will City Groups and churches.

The values that drive Citylight Church are a commitment to revel in God’s act of reaching DOWN to us in the Gospel and responding by reaching UP, IN, and OUT.

Down | The Gospel

The gospel is the good news that God saves sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. God has reached down to us. Jesus has done what we never could. This gospel is the power of God to save sinners and transform neighborhoods and nations (Rom 1:16). The gospel isn’t just the ABCs of following Jesus; it is the A to Z of following Jesus. It is of first importance in all we do as a church (1 Cor 15:1-4).

Up | Growth

The gospel is such wonderful news that we can’t help but respond in faith, repentance, and worship. This means we look to Jesus for everything in our lives and our church. We trust him with every aspect of our lives. We also respond with repentance—real change that comes from loving Jesus more than anything. We respond to God with worship, both in our lives and gatherings. We celebrate God’s presence, welcome his Spirit, and preach his Word in response to all he has done for us.

In | Community

The church is not a place but a people. It’s more than a weekly assembly of individuals, but a humble, joyful community committed to loving each other and doing life together. The primary expression of community in our church will be City Groups, where we connect to, respond to and share the gospel. We will not settle for only being a weekly service for people to attend, but will continually invite people to share their lives with others as “a people for God’s own possession” (1 Pet 2:9).

Out | Mission

The church is God’s missionary agency to reach the unreached with the gospel. Missions is not just one ministry within the church, but the overriding orientation of our church. The same gospel that transforms us internally also compels us outward on mission. We exist as a church to be “a city on a hill” and “the light of the world” (Matt 5:14). We do this by orienting each of our City Groups around a shared mission—seeking to love, serve and make disciples throughout Fort Collins.

Our Team

Phil Robinson | Lead Pastor

An evangelist, leader, and shepherd, Phil led Cru at New Mexico State for six years. He joined Citylight Church Omaha in 2016 and currently serves as a campus pastor. He and his wife, Paige, have four daughters – Sadie, Anna, Elyse and Melanie. He has a passion for lost people to come to know Jesus, to make disciples, and to raise up leaders. Phil also loves sports, the outdoors, and mountain biking.

Andrew Scheribel | Lead Pastor

An evangelist, disciple-maker, and preacher, Andrew serves as college director for Citylight Church Lincoln, a ministry reaching over 300 students. He and his wife Rachel have been married for two years. Andrew has a heart to see the Gospel transform college campuses, the local community, and the nations. He also loves snowboarding, wakeboarding, and pretty much anything competitive!

Mike Brown | College Pastor

An achiever, leader, and dreamer, Mike has served with the Berean College Ministry and helped plant Citylight Church Lincoln, where he pioneered and cultivated the college ministry. He has a passion for developing and equipping students to venture further into the love of the Father and the fellowship of Jesus’ Church. Mike is an avid mountain biker and Huskers fan. He would love to beat you in spikeball!

Advisory Team

Gavin Johnson

Co-Lead Pastor, Citylight Church Omaha

After serving as college pastor of Christ Community Church in Omaha, Gavin planted Citylight Church Omaha in 2013. He is a teacher, leader, and shepherd.

Chris Hruska

Co-Lead Pastor, Citylight Church Omaha

Chris serves as co-lead pastor of Citylight Church Omaha. He has a passion for church planting, multiplication, and empowering leaders.

Austin Edwards

Co-Lead Pastor, Citylight Church Lincoln

Austin served as worship leader and in college ministry with Citylight Church Omaha before planting Citylight Church Lincoln in 2016.

Mozart Dixon

Co-Lead Pastor, Citylight Church Lincoln

Mozart served as young adult and college pastor of Calvary Community Church in Lincoln before planting Citylight Church Lincoln in 2016.

Ryan Johnston

Church Planting Catalyst, SEND Network

After serving as Senior Pastor of  North Canton Chapel in Canton, Ohio, Ryan came on staff with the SEND Network to help equip, empower, and move churches toward multiplication.

Our Timeline

Phase 1: Preparation

August 2019 – June 2020

• Start 3-4 City Groups
• Raise financial support
• Recruit 100 committed core team members
• Prayer gatherings in homes
• Begin securing a space for gatherings

Phase 2: Formation

June 2020 – January 2021

• Relocate and settle core team
• Recruit 50 local core team members
• Continue launching new City Groups
• Meet weekly as a core team
• Continue raising support
• Finish preparing gathering space

Phase 3: Launch

February 2021

• Launch public Sunday worship gatherings
• Focus on core values
• Emphasize rhythms of gather/scatter
• Cast vision and strengthen DNA


• Prioritize ongoing growth and multiplication of City Groups
• Develop a church planting residency to raise up new leaders
• Plant new churches and give generously to advancing God’s Kingdom

Our Invitation to You

We would love for you to partner with us in seeing the Citylight Church vision become a reality.

Pray for Us

Without God, we can do nothing. But with God’s presence and God’s power, we have a big vision to see lives changed and a city blessed. Will you join our prayer team? To receive monthly updates on Citylight Church Fort Collins, please get in touch.

Join Us

Does the Citylight Church vision resonate with you? Is God calling you to join our core team and be an active presence in the city of Fort Collins with us? If so, we would love to talk with you.

Share With Friends

If you know some friends in Fort Collins, tell them about us or share Citylight Church Fort Collins on Facebook and Instagram. It takes a people to reach people, and we would love for many more to join our core team!


Your financial giving makes a huge difference. For us to reach our financial goals, we need a team of individuals, multiple local churches, and organizations all giving to bless Fort Collins.

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