What is Citylight Lincoln Missions all about? In this Missions Foundation Series we are going to look in depth at what’s foundational to Citylight Missions. There are so many questions involved in the world of missions. Why does it matter What does it involve? Are some activities better than others in missions? Who is called to missions? Who do you focus on? If we don’t take the time to carefully answer these questions we can either become paralyzed and not do anything or in our attempt to just do something end up running in different or wrong directions.

Definitions matter because it narrows our focus and unites us in the same goal. When our church family can all run in the same direction together we can go so much further. These definitions and values aren’t meant for restriction but for concentration.

Our Missions Foundations define 2 things: what we do and how we do it. Missions defined really explains the why and what of missions and our values explain how we want to go about it! 

Citylight Missions is defined by the following:

  • Jesus Focused
    • Our motivation isn’t the needs of the lost or the status of the saved, its the glory of our Savior!
  • Disciple-making and Church Planting Focused
    • Our goal isn’t more activities, our goal is more disciples and churches.
  • Cross-cultural and Unreached Contexts Focused
    • Our emphasis isn’t only saving the lost, its reaching the unreached.

Our values behind these focuses are:

  • Desperate Prayer
    • Prayer doesn’t just prepare us for the work of ministry, prayer is a work of ministry.
  • Dependence on the Spirit and Scripture
    • Our mission is impossible on our own. We need the power and wisdom of the Spirit and Word to accomplish anything.
  • Declaring the Gospel in Word and Deed
    • The Kingdom of God exists in Words and Works. Without words our works lack truth. Without works our words lack power.
  • Dedication and Development of Everyone
    • The church isn’t an audience of consumers, but an army of participants.”
  • Devoted Partnerships
    • For deep impact we need to be devoted partners. Our global partners are our extended family serving on the front lines, we will be just as invested as they are!

These definitions and values are meant to guide and focus our efforts and energy for maximum impact in the nations. Keep up with our blog over the next several weeks as we dive deeper into these Missions Foundations!

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